Hunter Walk (Homebrew) – The Screendoor Initiative, lessons learned in big tech, & how to enjoy the journey


Hunter Walk, Co-founder and Partner at Homebrew.

Homebrew is a seed-stage venture firm with investments like Chime, Plaid, Gusto, and many more. Prior to Homebrew, Hunter received his BA from Vasser and MBA from Stanford and then spent time at Youtube as a director of product management.

Episode Highlights:

  • Lessons learned at Google and Youtube as a director of product management 
  • The Screen Door initiative: supporting VCs from all different backgrounds and perspectives to invest in early-stage fund managers through capital and mentorship
  • 99% humble 1% brag – how Hunter has used his blog to create a space for people to learn, share and support
  • Hunters shares his perspective on imposter syndrome and his experience and insights into overcoming these feelings


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