Kauffman Fellowship – Jeff Harbach on finding your “zone of genius”, advice for emerging managers and his take on trends coming to the venture industry.


Jeff Harbach, President & CEO, Kauffman Fellows

Key Takeaways

The worlds biggest problems will be solved by companies that weren’t venture backable in the past. More importantly, the people building those companies will be the folks who have experiencing dealing with those problems first hand, and will likely be more representative of society (more diverse, younger, etc.).

KFP builds an awareness around continuous learning and the importance of active listening.

The best VCs are deeply authentic and they bring that authenticity to the table every day.

Advice for Emerging Managers-figure out your why, embrace what makes you unique and stick with it.

In this episode we talk about the 4 Pillars For Success Jeff has spotted through his time leading Kauffman Fellows. To learn more about The Kauffman Fellows program, visit https://www.kauffmanfellows.org/