James Currier and Brittany Yoon (NFX) on Network Effects and the Power of Building Community


Key Takeaways:

1. 70% of the value in tech has been created by catalyzing network effects within the core business.

2. Competition in the venture ecosystem is good for business. The disbalance of power in the past caused bad behavior, and more competition is good for Founders and helps them find the best partner for their specific endeavor.

3. Look for Founder’s who can take other peoples perspectives. A lot of Founders aren’t self critical enough, and don’t live in the shoes of the customer or investor or their employee enough, and the skill of seeing something as others see it allows you to be a better builder, mentor, negotiator and leader.

4. For folks breaking into venture, find a fund you can relate with and is in tune with your ethos. Also leverage your experience but recognize that it may be a bias, so spend time seeing things from multiple angles and learn from those around you.