David Tisch (Box Group) on investing with a prepared mind, finding the best teams and how to build a strong generalist portfolio.


David Tisch, Founder & Managing Partner, Box Group

Key Takeaways,

1) Behind every great company are people, and it’s our job to identify the best teams and try to convince them to let us work with them. 

2) Friends give advice, parents tell people what to do. The best investors are friends, who prioritize Founder interest over their own.

3) The process of finding great companies never ends. You must commit to the focus of building concentric networks and diligently looking in places others aren’t looking.

4) “`Don’t ever short the future.” It is hard to proactively identify the trends of the future, but showing up with a prepared mind before meeting Founders is the only way to be ready to fund and win the next big opportunity.