Road Untraveled: 5-time Founder and General Partner Nihal Mehta (Eniac Ventures) on the media consumption trends, industries to watch, and building a company in a pandemic.


Nihal Mehta, Founding General Partner, Eniac Ventures

Key Takeaways:

1. “Time spent on media” vs “ad dollars going to media” are not directly tied. Consumer business models are not designed to succeed in recessions, and many will need to adjust rapidly to survive.

2. Construction, real estate, insurance, health care are large components of GDP transforming very quickly, presenting new opportunities for investors.

3. It’s a great time to build, but not a great time to sell. Spend time building and improving your product, as opposed to focusing on selling.

4. Customers and buyers are also facing tight budgets, and there are better uses of your team’s energy and focus over the next 12 months.