Road Untraveled: Plexo Capitals’ Lo Toney on first time VC funds, raising inside rounds, and the role of the CEO during COVID19


Lo Toney, Founder and Managing Partner, Plexo Capital

Key Takeaways:

1. Most fund managers have only invested in a bull market. Many firms will need to adjust to the new norms, and founders should be confident that their investors can withstand turbulent times. 

2. Make the C-suite available for one-on-one meetings for those who may not be comfortable asking questions in an all hands at a time like this. Their insights may be valuable to the broader message you are trying to send, so be open to alternative forms of communication.

3. Go back to existing investors for inside rounds where possible- they understand the business well, and are hopefully ready to help you through these turbulent times in return for additional ownership in their winners.

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