RoadUntraveled: WndrCos’ Arteen Arabshahi on mental health, recession vs pandemic investing, and the long term impact of remote work


Notorious for being ready to “meet a founder anywhere”, hear how Arteen is adjusting to working from home, “recession” vs “pandemic” investing and how WndrCo is supporting it’s portfolio companies.

Key Takeaways:

Humans are incredibly resilient and incredibly adaptive. We will find a variety of ways to continue celebrating and sharing expression.

There is a spectrum in mental health, not two polar ends. Everyone should be open with their experiences over the next few months and recognize there are others that would love to chat.

This environment will push large enterprises to adapt to remote work faster than they would’ve on their own. Although digital adoption will “revert back”, most companies will likely be further progressed than prior to COVID19 levels.

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