RoadUntraveled: DFJ Growths’ Jocelyn Kinsey on stress testing your business model and setting expectations during COVID19


As a lead investor at a global growth equity fund, hear how Jocelyn thinks about communicating with founders, stress testing through turbulent times, and lessons on maintaining company culture digitally.

Key Takeaways:

It is important to continue building community and sharing quality time in a WFH environment. Birthdays, yoga classes, and time with your loved ones can all still happen digitally.

Board members should take the time to let portfolio companies know you are there. Help them stress test their business model, and don’t be afraid to share best practices from across the portfolio to lend them any competitive edge available.

Use this as an opportunity to better yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. There are a variety of digitally-native platforms that allow you to get back to the things you love.